Sunday, June 1, 2008

nigga's like what the fuck is this?

look at this, what kind of luck is this?

It rains here -again- a fine deceptive rain that could be mist if you get lazy about it. moss grows over everything. I feel like i'm walking on the grounds of some esteemed college. Oxford? maybe.

i am listening to the scarlett johansson and record and it reminds me of the kids in school who were real shy and hid under the slide or over by the trees during recess, and how i always thought that they were probably really cool once you got to know them but then you meet them twenty years later at a bar and it turns out that they were just real shy as a kid and actually pretty boring.
maybe i am giving her a hard time ever since i fell in love with her in the beginning of lost in translation but maybe not? she should make things easy for me and be great all the time instead of making me ponder the specifics of it all.

also there are a lot of bums in portland so maybe restrict giving money out to ones with specific characteristics: eye patches, missing legs and so on. my criteria right now is the businessman who looks like he just had his car stolen.
Number of homeless guys i have seen that look like businessmen who looks like they just got their car stolen: 1.
Amount of money given: 25 cents.
also he had a lazy eye. you may think that may exclude him from the businessman category but plenty of businessmen have toupees and when it comes down to it, what really is the difference between fake hair and a screwy eye?

plus do bees have little bee hearts or is it just goop inside their body?

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