Saturday, July 26, 2008

so i have been thinking about gay people and more or less it's a mystery? is there some kind of genetic thing going on where gay men must act the stereotype of the limp wristing flamboyant lisping sassy man, or is it just a man getting back in touch with his long-abandoned feminine side and overcompensating because all the straight men are refuse to dress fashionably. and what does being gay have to do with femininity anyhow, all sorts of ancient greek (grecian?) dudes getting it on with each other, but still being very manly, what gives. maybe gay dudes somehow got suckered into that kind of attitude, that since they're not straight they can't act like a straight man regardless of who they are and how they feel about, i mean i like audrey hepburn, but when a gay guy likes audrey hepburn i kind of want to groan and then i think wait what is this me being homophobic, what's going on here. i haven't read any essays about this sort of thing but for sure they are out there, and maybe someday i will read one and understand it all but until then i think straight dudes should not hang testicles off of their trucks and gay dudes should not have a limp wrist because seriously those things have nothing to do with anything so give it up already i do not need abstract notifiers of what your sexual preference is. i do not go around talking about pussy all day and that is because i try to be a gentleman but all bets are off when i've been drinking but hey you've got to come up short somewhere i guess

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