Thursday, May 21, 2009

you know, blogging. the blogging thing. it's a journal thing, a me talking to the planet kind of thing. like stonehenge? it's possible.
humans and humanity. the ending of things, cycles. epochs. which i haven't ever felt before but i can now sit at the midpoint of time and watch the past cascade into its conclusion and see the future ebb into its vanishing point, and frankly, it makes me melancholy. melancholic? perhaps.
well yeah of course there's a point to all this and that anything evers gets done at all, really. so. do i write enough? is the question that i asked myself. and the response: well probably not so i guess i better do something about it. do i write about the routine? my phone is broken, there is something wrong with it, before it was the memory card and now that this is happening i am beginning to think it might be corrupt and how much is a new card anyhow? i should get a new phone. a camera phone. i should get a higher paying job. ETC. ETC. or should i write the fantastic and otherwordly? Of dragons and dragon government and dragon taxes and dragon gerrymandering? Many choices and would think that if my aim here was to record memory that i should probably better go with writing my day down, but that's too easy, right? everyone gets hassled by bums, everyone buys new pants, eats dinner, take naps, drink. fuck. So the abstract, serving as a map of the mind, would be the vehicle you should drive into the core of your soul. Unfortunately for the abstract, it has no context. it's the most honest protrayal, and the most dense- subject to all matter of interpretation, giving nothing, taking nothing.
so yeah writing is pretty simple if you're just shooting the shit you know talking about nothing in particular but if you want to get to the real good stuff you got to take your time. maybe. it's different for everyone i guess but the important thing is flow and visualization what wait what okay. so i'm not the advice giving guy. i've got no degree of Success to back those claims up, so yours truly is backing up and clamming up. well no that i'm kind of warmed up i have to email my grammy, wotta lady