Thursday, June 11, 2009


so now it's twelve forty and my real cool website done broke on me so i guess this is what i'll have to use until i fix it. which will be months from now, i'm sure.
uh yeah so i am going to the OCF and i am going to try to trick some people into buying my stuff maybe i will even make enough money for a sixer now wouldn't that be something.


Spider Baby said...

Hi. I'm Maleia. I met you on the 519 train on 6/14. You were going to Oly. I wanted to switch contact info with you guys, but didn't have time, so you gave me this website info. Anyway, I thought you seemed interesting and thought it would be cool to hang out again. I have limited internet access as I have to find someone to let me use their computer, but my number is 253-534-6173 and my e-mail is

Talk to you soon?

tim goodyear said...

i got your book at oly
wot one...
i dig that shit
i got #4/20

whats your email
hit me up
piece out