Tuesday, June 2, 2009

rob robotic tics

to be frank what is there to be frank about. hold that gait. did i say single-signifier engines are simpler and therefore less complex? you have to live with seemingly contradictory conclusions in life. understanding doubly so, and avoiding all tangles of wire along the way. sure maybe i cloud my sincereisms in metaphor but it seems to be the only vehicle fit for transport. at least it's something everyone recognizes, anyway. is this the only possible way to distribute information? through disassembly towards dissembly, from point to point. hotdogs -> mustard-> color -> pigment -> color spectrum of visible light. the need to map out information to digest it. you're never in a new place? that's possible. everything links. the futility of expressing a point of view. all tools of expression are tainted with personal experience and doing so, erased permanently the potential to decontextualize a noun. so the only way to attain pure expression is through wholly new expression. which is impossible, because everything is made in relief from everything else. is a golf club really a golf club, or is it a golf club simply because everything else on the planet isn't a golf club. which is well-tread territory.

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