Monday, June 22, 2009

so okay

SO YEAH i decided yesterday to sit my ass down and find a photo of the occasion. incident. event? whatever. i'm the fella in the grey sweatshirt (hoodie? hoody?). apparently i am telling some entertaining story to my friend and the guy i was tabled with. sorry guy. you are not my friend. yet! he made a comic about vegans and it sold well. i made a comic about nothing and it sold terribly. well, i don't know. what are good sales for this sort of thing? so ANYHOWZERS i took this photo off of some other dudes' website (see if you can find them in the photo!) and this pretty much is all the evidence i have for even being there.

uh my website is still broken raw deal i am so over the internet


tim goodyear said...

i want to talk to you about your comics
hit me up at
werd up said...

wish i could of been there cause that dude on the left is great!

i would of spent all day with him!