Tuesday, July 14, 2009


the legend that precedes the person- knowing before knowing, really- "jamais vu". How would one be met, and how would said subject subject themselves to the inevitable- them- in a conversation?
to wit:

"Hello, I am a big follower of yours."

ranging from the simple (trite?) "thank you" to the total abstract- the fact that no reply could be ideal means any reply will suffice- "does that mean you'll come to my hotel room?", "fuck off", "i hope your mother approves", words, any and all. the full spectrum, even the colors invisible to the human eye. silence can even work, carried by a long, cool gaze.

"Hello, I am a big follower of yours."

"Thank you." (let's keep it simple)

So then what? Me- by which i mean you- know this person. you have witnessed what they can do, pored over interviews of them "baring it all", teeth included, and yet- jamais vu- you are talking to a stranger. which should be discouraging, or humbling, rather (preferably) but actually isn't, because you like this person. you want to know more about this person. you have not yet had the (dubious) honor of watching their mannerisms, their affectations (face it- both of you know you aren't in this just to ask the time) and so you plow forward, attempting to till that well-trod path of adoration and admiration with the seeds of wit (watch your parlance, they may be flattered but they ain't no fool) hoping that an ineffable (as in f--- this, f--- that immune) connection flowers between the two of you.
it might happen. "we are not so unlike each other, you and i" is what you think, feel. express.
but the barrier remains, they in one camp, you in another, not even existing before, but before was before you said hello.
more specifically, hello, this is me, and i like you, i follow your work, i follow you. can this be construed as a glancing blow from the hand that must be held? you follower, you.

you declare, hands up in that look-i-know-it-might-be-lame-but-i'm-being-honest-and-isn't-that-a-lot-like-being-passionate-and-true,-in-this-context? sort of way.

be that as it may, fawning is fawning. curry favor with curry flavor, as in they are human, so are you, and that fact is actually the Great Leveller that makes us all equal. let's present ourselves, gift ourselves, in our best bow and ribbon display. tada! data. people like to say 'no, no mirrors please, no smoke, it makes me cough, just give me you, plain old you, as you are. this is what i want to see.' which is well-intentioned but really. it's just what you think you want to see. you want to see smoke and mirrors- and what's the difference? because how we project ourselves is an extension of- or not even that, it actually is- who we are.

so in short when they see you and you see them you use your mirror and you reflect their thoughts- you are not so unlike each other- and peer into them, into their routine (it's been there all along, it's just that it's all you've ever seen- you've been duped) and know them as your brother or sister, and all that implies (infers?).

the Golden Rule has many ancillary applications- it's not all about kindness, you fucks- it's all about where you place yourself and where you place others, which need not be reflected in each other- the mirror is, after all, a metaphor- so when you practice it (or better yet, utilize it) don't make the rookie mistake of thinking that by denying this vagrant his greedy gulps of tobacco (he calls it charity) that you're entitling him reprisal. The hands that holds (remember?) the Golden Rule can deliver a glancing blow. so when that asshole with the hot wife that looks slightly boozy and slightly crazier cracks you a fat one in the face for gawping a moment too long, don't feel slighted. that's kismet. through this slight, we see the sleight of hand. from the hand that is held, to the hand that holds, to the hand that holds the sway in all things you do- yes, you- jamais vu. we see ourselves performing one action- kissing our loved ones before they leave for work- and think the world unfair when we drive into a tree four years later, and never making the connection all the while. this specific sleight of hand takes years for the reveal, and the flourish is that there is no flourish at all- so elegant and precise, that particular strain of music- it is immediately hidden beneath the blaring horns and tinny wails of our ware-hawking humanity. if you find the measure (use the Golden Rule) you will hear the clarion call.

so when you approach the person of your admiration, or are approached by an admirer, do not mire in that difficult and desolate terrain of compliments and erudite attitude- this is stating 'i follow your work', this is stating 'my hand needs to be held', this is stating 'i am hawking my wares', this is actually stating nothing. If you speak, you will be spoken to. attune yourself- we all have an affinity to some tune- and speak in that timbre.

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