Saturday, July 25, 2009

portland zine symplosionum/ INK CARTRIDGE FUNERAL

or whatever.

sold all the stuff i had so i am making new stuff for tomorrow, you know, press the flesh and spread the word and get my hot shit all over the place
you know painting the town brown
ink cartridge funeral is right there with me and i'm taking it upon myself as some guy with the broken website to kind of take in all the readers that were totally pumped on the first issue and or their x-ray specs. uh in short [ink cartridge funeral -> here].

for updates or whatever.

but yeah if you'll know if you stopped by the table because we are SNAKE OIL SALESMEN. you will own our zines before you even open them and that's not because we are looking for a quick buck (although we kind of are or at least i am) but it is because we love you. we love you, and we know you are nervous about trying to quantify our creative endeavors into a monetary amount. we make this process as painless as possible. to the man we actually hussled: we love you, too.

yes sir here i am reporting for duty and this was a totally safe psa

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