Thursday, September 17, 2009

wha qua

so yeah who knows it's like i am riding the fence between this and that and sure you're thinking oh look at this fella he's just mincing words and trying to keep himself and everyone else from the truth that basically everyone else knows already, except that's not quite it and asides it's nice to kind of throw a vague thing out there and see what you get back it's like psychic echolocation but actually kind of more self-absorbed than i feel comfortable with. like tacking on a disclaimer to everything you do just so that when shit hits the fan later you can kind of sit on your haunches and pull the 'hey i warned you i was bad news' flag out from under your shirt, a cheap move sure but given the circumstances and situation it's kind of difficult to run the whole righteousness thing where you're supposedly wiser or more urbane or witty or whatever kind of wealth of knowledge is the most fashionable at the moment. oh i am so over this