Saturday, July 16, 2011

an excerpt from Strategies of the High Plains

once there was a pencil sharpener
mounted to the left inside of a kitchen doorway
whose bedroom hallway had been modified into a closet
and unshelved contents of which spilled out

the pencil sharpener was installed under the can crusher
and my knuckles would rap
against the muscle blue foam handle
and sometimes the metal lip of which
the foam wrapped.

the pencil sharpener was made from several different
sensibly unattractive browns except for the aluminum handle
which was spray painted tannish.
it clung resolutely behind boxes of unrecycled glass bottles
and despite that all six of its six pencil sharpening sizes
were somehow too large for pencils
it was still used
once in a while


list of things that are also jobs that are the things

pencil sharpener
lawn mower

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